She wears it Best!

She wears it Best!

She wears it best!! Teyana is one of trendiest with her style enough to wear a Snap-back and and Beanie and make it look amazingly sexy, fun, trendy and relaxed all at the same time. I love her freedom of style. She makes everything  look so effortless! Head wear is definitely the new wave for the future, expression through Clothing! Besides what girls isn’t a Brat? I know I love to spoil myself or be spoiled with new things, shopping is therapeutic and I love being prepared for any kind of day, whether its raining or I’m going to the club. Here in New York city rain sleek or snow we’re partying!! Snap-backs and Beanies are a great way to get noticed on the party scene. people are always stopping me wanting to know what B.R.A.T. means, it a great ice breaker and makes you stand out amongst the rest. Rhianna and Miley Cyrus along with Teyana Taylor have Definitely proven it.  So what are you waiting for purchase your B.R.A.T. hats online  @ and don’t forget to check back for  updates for our spring/summer collection on Instagram @ Brat_inc


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